Decision making is a tedious process in different contexts. Even a small task such as choosing a healthy dairy product for a toddler, or a moderate job like, selecting a color for painting a wall, or a big chore when it comes to finance, which company shares to buy. Analysis should be made on the available choices in case of a complex task. When multiple criteria are provided, follow some algorithms to select the best product. Here criteria are the parameter. For example, when choosing a dairy product, parameters such as purity of the product, percentage of side effects, proportion…

1. Computer Networks

Computers have made a revolution in the current era. For the past couple of decades, the exponential growth of this man made machine has proved nothing is impossible. From self driving cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, on-chip body sensors to automated learning machines, computers are enhancing the tasks of every field work and reducing the work load of individuals. Notwithstanding these innovations, it was not possible without the network of computers. Individual Computers, when connected together forms a network. The connection of computers could be physical or in the air. Technically these terms are wired and wireless connections…

Preethi Ananthachari


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